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Pedagogy Series

  1. A text is accepted to be published after receiving positive reviews by two independent reviewers from scientific institutions other than the one affiliated by the author, according to the double-blind review process requirements, according to the double-anonymity rule (the reviewers’ identities are not known to the authors, and the authors’ identities are not known to the reviewers). It will allow objective text selection. If necessary, the reviewer signs a declaration of lack of conflict of interests (family relationship, professional dependence, immediate scientific cooperation within at least two years before writing the review).
  2. The reviewers’ names are published every year in the printed volume and at the bulletin website, which is systematically updated.
  3. A written review (in accordance with the form attached at the website) contains the reviewer’s unambiguous conclusion about the conditions of accepting the article to be published or its rejection.
  4. The reviewers do not come from the scientific environment in which the editor-in-chief is affiliated.
  5. As far as the ethical policy is concerned, the publisher refers to the bulletin ethical rules of COPE  (Committee  on Publication  Ethics).  Both  the  authors  and  the  reviewers  are obliged  to  reveal  any  conflicts  of  interests due  to  their  personal  or  professional relationships. Possible conflicts of interests may also arise from the author's relationship with the object of research (mainly financial and /or organisational dependence). In case of violation of the scientific ethics rules (including the question of copyright laws violation, scientific frauds, research errors, plagiarism, data counterfeiting) the bulletin will inform the responsible bodies and institutions.
  6. The editors of the bulletin do not charge any payments from the authors for presenting their texts. Having submitted the Work, the Author grants a non-exclusive and free license for using it to the Acquirer. The published articles are available in the Open Access formula (free of charge) in pdf at the bulletin website www.comenius.uph.edu.pl. They are also available on-line in the international data base The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities http://cejsh.icm.edu.pl.
  7. The bulletin is indexed in the base INDEX COPERNICUS INTERNATIONAL.
  8. The members of the Scientific Council of the bulletin are international (17 members from foreign scientific centres and 8 members from Polish scientific centres). The bigger number of foreign members arises from the bigger interest of John Amos Comenius abroad than in our country.
  9. The authors submit their texts together with statements (available at the website) of not having published or submitted the text at another editorial office. The author states that the work is a result of their creative process and does not violate other people’s copyright laws in any way; that they have included all the reviewer’s remarks and agree to possible corrections by the editors.
  10. A similar statement is submitted by the editor-in-chief (available at the website). It includes a list of Polish and foreign authors, their affiliative data, a statement of the texts written in accordance with the reviewers’ remarks and of the final contents and form of the submitted work.
  11. If there are any pictures or other materials protected by copyright laws in the text, the author is obliged to obtain a written consent for using them by the Publisher, bear the related costs and include the information of the materials’ origin in the work.
  12. Editorial instructions for the authors in Polish and English are available at the bulletin website.
  13. All the articles published in Siedlce Comeniological Research Bulletin, PEDAGOGY series are licensed under the Creative Commons Authorship Acknowledgement 4.0. It will enable everybody to copy, redistribute, send and adapt the work provided that the original work and the source are quoted properly.
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