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Dear Sir/Madam,


I would like to invite you to submit your texts to be published in Volume 6 of “Siedlce Comeniological Research Bulletin, pedagogy series”. It will be entitled Towards comeniology as a science – discussions – polemics – dilemmas. I will be delighted if you agree to take part in this discussion and encourage others to do the same. Many professors from Poland and Europe have already declared their readiness to participate in this discussion, which is so important for all of us, dealing with John Amos Comenius. The deadline for text submission is 30 June 2019.

It is a pleasure to inform you that “Siedlce Comeniological Research Bulletin, pedagogy series” has taken part in the project of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Support for scientific magazines and become its beneficiary. This year the publication has been indexed in the international list of magazines  ICI Journals Master List / ICI World of Journals, and consequently, it has been awarded 20 points since 2019. We are going to use the electronic system ICI Publishers Panel to manage the magazine, which will enable us to spread the articles of Siedlce Comeniological Research Bulletin throughout the world more easily.

The articles published in all the five volumes of Siedlce Comeniological Research Bulletin can be read at the website www.comenius.uph.edu.pl. Here you will also find Editorial instructions for your texts. PLEASE HAVE A LOOK.

Yours sincerely

Barbara Sitarska

editor-in-chief of Siedlce Comeniological Research Bulletin